* ASN: 395823
* {noc,abuse}

peers at

SIX (Seattle, WA)
* Westin 7512R:, 2001:504:16::6:a2f
* Westin 7508R:, 2001:504:16::386:6:a2f

FCIX (Fremont, CA)
* FMT2 SW3:, 2001:504:91::107

The following BGP communities are set on received routes:

	23456:1   learned in Seattle
	23456:2   learned in Fremont
	23456:100 learned from peer
	23456:200 learned from IX
	23456:300 learned from upstream
	23456:400 learned from downstream

The following well-known communities are accepted on received routes:

	65535:666   BLACKHOLE
	65535:65281 NO_EXPORT
	65535:65282 NO_ADVERTISE

Received routes are filtered using as-set and prefix limits from PeeringDB,
and RPKI ROAs from the major RIRs.

We participate on the route servers, but will establish private sessions as
well in some situations.  Contact

Praise to the upstream adjacencies
Curses to the downstream adjacencies

Last updated: 2022-10-12